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           Champagne Florence Duchêne, 2013 has a been a turning point for the vineyard. The wine professionals recognised our work, our vision and our champagnes.


The domain offers 5 unique cuvées without malolactic fermentation to enable crisp and vivacity, though a long ageing.

From the outset, our bottles are stored in optimal conditions in the cellar. 
Wine-making and wine-assemblage are carried out by Florence & Vincent  to ensure quality and conformity of each and every bottle.


Each bottle merits tailored craftsmanship.   

Corking, dressing-up and disgorgement are hand-made, a pure champagne tradition.

Champagne Reserve

Champagne Florence Duchêne

contact@champagne-florence-duchene.com 03 26 55 56 19

118 Rue de la Pierre de Ville


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