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A Champagne, a unique Story, a Grower .....

               In the heart of Champagne region, a terroir of Excellence, Florence Duchêne, a wine-maker of talent, has landed in the Champagne area. Not to mention that she stems from a grower family she follows ancestors path.

              Florence, endeavours to her family roots(Father is French. Mother is Filipina). Therefore, her personality recalls her Filipino roots: communication, sociability and sense of details. To reflect her personality on the flask, Champagne Florence Duchêne gave unique names of to the cuvées. Her sense of details reveals champagnes of exception.   
               Her authenticity also lies on her carreer. From studies in languages to international trade, she followed up the course Msc. OIV Management that stands for a world tour in the wine industry.  Since 2011, she has come back to the family company and has worked there ever since. Her new work gives her challenges every day. 

« I always thought that the champagne was to be with the wine what the haute couture is with the mode. »

― Alfred Gratien

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