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Di Mangan

Bottle of Champagne Dimangan

Florence Duchêne's origins are major in her life and as a "mestiza" herself, she wanted her cuvées to look her alike. The domain set up 3 new cuvées with Filipino-originated names: Di Mangan, Kalikasan and Bathala. They also are symbols from Philippine mythology and nature which is the pride of Filipinos.  

Di Mangan is the God of Harvest, from tagalog mythology and Champagne Florence Duchêne wants to pay tribute to Him, while becoming a authentic flask from the domain.  



50% Chardonnay

45% Pinot Noir

5% Pinot Meunier

Sight: Light gold with fines bubbles

Nose: well-balanced nose but discreet

Mouth: Red fruits


Harvest: 2017 Ageing since: 2018

Dosage: 3g/L

Food pairing: Choux pastry with Comté cheese


 Bettane et Desseauve 2023 15.5/20

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